2019 Everything Changes

No more about the past. Let it go.
Most people with super-interesting stories will die with their stories untold. No one gives a fuck who you were until you are someone popular, wealthy or infamous.  Creme rises or crap floats, otherwise, you’re a faceless droplet,  lost in a sea.
Telling you my past is telling you how I don’t matter. All that matters is now –> forward.  2019 is the year everything changes. It’s taken me 52 years to realize, I’m creating everything I experience in a course of duality. I’ve finally learned exactly what “faith” is, as a creation force, and I’ll share how and why I fucked up until now, in digestible bits, of course.

I’m a lot of things which contradict each other. I’m a Southern queer, raised Baptist, who still holds Christian beliefs. I’ve had more ass than a truck stop toilet seat but, it was all to find “The One”. I’m a gay Trump supporter, although I’m amazed as to why that’s “a thing”. Democrats bashed gays to support Muslims and illegal immigrants with the Orlando Pulse Club mass shooting so, where’s the mystery? The Clintons personally held up Marriage Equality for 20 years. I guess those lacking maturity and personal responsibly will remain intellectually retarded and government dependent, like babies on a tit. Gay men are notoriously Peter Pans. Maybe is Soy.
Duality is key. It all should’ve came to me so much sooner. I blame my astrological template somewhat. Hell, I’m astrologically contradictory.  Scorpio sun, Sagittarius moon, Aquarius Rising.  That’s a suicide or mass murder ticket right there, and yet, my idealism is for peace and prosperity.  Faith is dualistic. It’s not one thing, and often, it’s condradictory. American society, what’s left of it, the drag-n-drop association, requires “Faith” to be “one thing” and so, no one gets the truth of a two-part solution.
Faith, as a tool of creation is one-part belief in the actor. All you have to do is believe and ask? That’s where shit stories like “The Secret” and complete garbage philosophies like “Thoughts become things” fails everyone except its authors. They get stupidly rich on other’s passion, gullibility and desperation. The second vital piece of “faith” is action inspired completely by belief. The true definition of faith is  “Yes, I can do”, not the insanity of “yes, I do believe”. We are not our thoughts but rather, our actions resulting from our thoughts.  2019 begins today…January 1st.

Through step-one, I became a network engineer (without a clue), a self-published author (without a hope) and a fine arts oil painter (never finishing a work). Through step-two, I’ll become a Professional Network Engineer, a Vanity Published Author and, a true Fine Arts Painter, in 2019. I’ll also become a home owner, with my Cancerian husband (a marriage I called into being through faith). We’re in the first 2 years of marriage so, it’s rough but, 2019 will see the end of rough and the beginning of greatness. This personal blog will tell that story and we’ll see if anyone gives a shit enough to read it.