Circles have no Restarts, Only Jump-to-Next.

The end of January, thank God! It’s a disservice to present “bio-rhythms” as lines, having a beginning and end. They’re circles. Scorpio, the father of death and resurrection. We know a bit about circles and patterns fools call “stereotypes”. Allow me to diverge from my macro-point and display my humor about fools about stereotypes. I’m feeling very mean today.

Blacks represent 17% of the population in the United States and commit 60% of the crime. That’s a stereotype made of facts. Now watch. Whites who vehemently deny the stereotype won’t take an Interstate exit into an all Black neighborhood while denying the statistic. “You’re a bigot!”, is their defense while driving rapidly passed the exit. Take any and every such denial of stereotype and watch the full display of foolishness. You might hate whom you call ‘bigot’, but I’d hock a cyber-loogey and spit it on a hypocrite as “Lower than worm shit” and then cyber-slap it into their face. The mindless zombie Left isn’t to be pitied but, politically eliminate by facts.

“Trannies should be able to openly serve in the military.”. Why is that Bradley Manning? So they can betray our country? Inspire suicide among the ranks? Commit acts of violence against office staff? Sorry. I feel better now. Everyone assumes, because I’m a fag, that I’m some ultra-liberal mindless zombie like the rest. No, I’m awake. I saw what the Democrat Plantation owners did when they preferred gay-hating Muslims over the victims of Pulse Club Orlando. How Hillary had the murderers father on-stage with her during her campaign. I know what’s behind socialism.

Circles have no beginning and no end but they do have jump points. We can take a jump point with the same light switch intuition we use to move from room-to-room in the dark. “Feeling stuck”, “In a rut”, these are both expressions of realizing the circle has completed perhaps once too many times. It’s time for something new. Part of the problem is, we embrace certainty. What could be more certain than a path we travel over-and-over?

There’s a wonderful conversation to be heard in an audiobook from Gary John Bishop called, “UnFuck Yourself“. I highly recommend it. Now, Gary, being a nice guy, a European and a popular author will probably disavow, disagree and disdain everything I write. I don’t give a fuck. Truth is Truth just like Love is Love, any they’re still completely different. We need not agree to use each other. Get a copy of Gary’s book and learn how to break free of circles. His Scottish\Irish\English…what the fuck accent is that Gary, damn!, is very entertaining in its own right.